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Finding a Tree Company in Winter Springs

In a market filled with professional tree service providers, each promising customer satisfaction and affordable rates, it’s difficult to decide which company is best. However, the well-being of your trees is at stake, so deciding which tree service company to choose is an important decision. At Advance Tree Pros, we strive to rise slightly above the rest of the tree service companies in Winter Springs by offering the highest possible level of customer service. Our professional team of arborists and tree specialists take great pride in the services we offer.

What Advance Tree Pros Offers

It’s hard to fit tree care into your hectic schedule. You need to prune them regularly, and if any of your trees are unhealthy or damaged, they might need to be removed. Removing and disposing of dead trees requires proper equipment, experience, and knowledge to do the job correctly. Since the average individual doesn’t usually have the necessary tools or experience to tackle most tree service jobs, it’s typically better to rely on professionals for tree service. Above all else, Advance Tree Pros offers convenience and peace of mind. By entrusting your tree service needs to a professional tree company in Winter Springs like Advance Tree Pros, you can ensure your trees will be properly maintained. Whether you need seasonal pruning, regular maintenance, or more advanced services like tree removal and crane services, trust the pros at Advance Tree Pros. 

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Experienced Arborists

Some companies try to give this image that they are a big company with a massive team of experienced arborists when, in reality, it’s just one guy running the show. Some projects require a whole team of competent professionals working together. This is why Advance Tree Pros, even during the slower times of year, employs an extensive team of experienced arborists that are proficient in their jobs and ready to be dispatched for your project. Moreover, all our arborists are ISA certified and have undergone hands-on training in the field.

Minimize Potential Damage

If you’re hiring a tree service company in Winter Springs, you need to make sure they do everything they can to minimize the risk of damage to your house or your commercial building. Ask them of the steps they will take to reduce the chances of harm. If a tree needs removal, our professional team will bring a crane if necessary to lift the tree and then remove it so that it doesn’t come tumbling down on the house or anything else nearby. Additionally, we will dispose of the tree so you do not have to worry about any debris.


No company intentionally wants to harm your property or cause any damage. However, if something unfortunate does happen, the company should be held responsible, and ethically they should cover the financial expenses. But, the tree service company can get away with it if they do not have liability insurance. Your dead tree can cost you the price of tree removal, sewer line repairing, reconstruction of the wall, and in severe cases, your tenant-landlord relationship. Advance Tree Pros covers liability insurance and provides worker’s compensation insurance, which covers the medical bills required to treat any injury inflicted upon a worker during the project. 

What Do We Do?

Our arborists are experienced and proficient in almost every project related to tree services, from residential tree pruning to commercial land clearing. Here is a comprehensive list of some of our services.

Residential Tree Pruning

Our experts conduct regular tree pruning each winter and anytime throughout the year if it’s unavoidable. Affected, diseased, or dead branches are removed from the tree, and new, healthy branches grow in their stead.

Residential Tree Removal

You can prune several branches at most, but when the damage even exceeds that point, the tree has to be removed before it comes crashing down to the earth itself. Before the tree becomes a liability, call our experts over. Using a crane, we will lift your tree and remove it to minimize potential damage, thus dealing with the situation before it gets too late.

Residential Land Clearing

If you wish to clear your plot, or even your backyard, and get rid of the tall overgrown trees, stumps, garbage, trash, insects, and pests, hit us up, and we’ll immediately send our team of experts after giving you a quote. The experts will remove all the trees and stumps, and clear your plot or backyard of all the stumps, insects, and pests, thus increasing its value and aesthetic beauty. 

Commercial Tree Pruning

The basic three techniques used in residential tree pruning are applied here too. Firstly, we cut and remove any dead or damaged branches. Next, we take down the lowest branches so that any pedestrian or car crossing beneath the tree doesn’t get hurt. In the third step, we reduce the tree’s size to one that’s ideal for the environment it’s growing in.

Commercial Tree Removal

You don’t need your tree to crash into your commercial building just because you ignored its crippled state. Call us when there’s still time to get your tree removed cleanly and safely.

Commercial Land Clearing

If you buy a piece of land for commercial purposes in Winter Springs and it’s a mess or overgrown, your project might have to wait. The first step is getting your new piece of land cleared and ready. Let our land clearing experts take down any unwanted trees, clear the stumps, and remove any disease-causing pests while you worry about planning your project.

How Can You Reach Us?

If you’re comfortable booking your appointment with us over the phone, then give us a call at (407) 960-4893. Otherwise, you can also easily submit your information for a free estimate directly on our website using our contact form. Either way, once you provide us the details of your specific tree work job, we’ll give you an accurate quote based on your job details. Once you are ready to move forward, our team of experienced arborists will do what they do best – take care of your tree work needs without any headaches. Give us a call today!

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