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The Best Low-Pollen Trees to Plant for Springtime

Pollen and Pollen Allergy The Spring season in all its color and bloom is a season of suffering and torture for those who have a pollen allergy. While you can’t eliminate Springtime pollen, you can ensure your garden isn’t adding to your allergy agony by planting low-pollen producing trees. You can rely on a professional…

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When to Remove Trees from a Commercial Property

Proper landscaping can breathe life into otherwise bland properties, but unmaintained plant life can have the opposite effect. It’s important to keep up with tree trimming and pruning so your commercial property will not be filled with signs of plant decay. Not only are dying trees unsightly, they can also be dangerous. There are several…

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Tree Pruning – Tree Health and Safety in Winter Park

To keep your trees healthy and strong, it’s essential that you prune them regularly. However, most homeowners aren’t sure where to start with pruning. When should you do it, and how do you work with trees safely? Here’s everything you need to know so that you will have the most beautiful, healthy trees on your…

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Affordable Land Clearing Services and Tree Removal

At Advanced Tree Pros we do more than just trim and remove your trees. Tree removal, crane services, tree recycling, and land clearing are only a few of the services Orlando Tree Service offers. If you are planning to build a new single-family home, or your business has a new construction development plan in the works, Advanced…

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Land & Brush Clearing Services in Orlando, Florida

  Whether you’re undertaking an extensive landscape remodel or preparing for construction, land and brush clearing are effective ways of cleaning up your property fast. Businesses and homes alike can benefit from our reliable and professional Orlando Tree Service Company, which eliminates everything from a couple of trees to multiple tree stumps and dense vegetation…

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Tips for Selecting A Tree Removal Company

Advance Tree Pros is your premier tree removal company in Orlando. With years of comprehensive industry experience, we have the tools and expertise to safely remove dangerous or aged trees from your property. Our highly-dedicated and certified arborists also remove stumps, along with offering tree pruning and salvaging services. Whether for homes, businesses, schools or…

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The Dangers of Tree Removal

Managing your house goes beyond maintaining the interior rooms — having a well-kept backyard and front lawn adds curb appeal and makes your house a place that you are excited and proud to call home. Sometimes, a tree that is decaying or overgrown can not only negatively impact the outward appearance of your house, but…

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When Trees Attack: How Tree Roots Can Damage Your Foundation

Having trees in your yard gives you much-needed shade, beauty, and even somewhere for your children to build their tree house. You love your trees, but sometimes they can be damaging to your home just by being there. Here’s how their roots cause damage to your foundation, and what you can do to stop it.…

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What to Expect from Land Clearing Services

One of the most significant steps of preparing land for construction is having it cleared. Undeveloped landscapes usually have unsafe and overgrown terrain, but our expert land clearing services from Winter Park Tree Service will change this in no time. When you work with us, you’ll discover that land clearance offers various benefits. We’ll help…

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