Frequently Asked Questions About Our Orlando Tree Service (Cutting, Removal, etc.)

We Are Often Asked These Questions About Our Orlando Tree Service (Cutting, Removal, etc.)

How much will my tree service cost?

Each tree is different, so we base our pricing on access (can our trucks reach the tree?), the size of the tree, can the crane reach and the level of difficulty (are there power lines involved?) and the amount of debris removal.

How can I set up an estimate?

Please call our office at (407) 960-4893. Our phone lines are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and let us know what tree service you need done. If you need tree trimming done, please specify what kind of trimming you are expecting. We can trim out dead branches, shape, and thin trees.

Are estimates free?

Yes, we offer estimates free of charge. We also offer same day estimates.

Do I need to be there when the estimate is given?

No. We can call while on property to discuss work description and price.

What steps should I follow once the estimate is given?

If you approve of the price listed on the estimate, give our office a call, and we will put your job on our schedule. If there are various price options listed on your estimate, be sure to specify which you have selected.

How and when do I pay?

Upon completion of your job, we will mail you an invoice for the amount agreed upon in the estimate. If you prefer, our tree specialists can also receive your payment at time of tree service. We accept cash or checks, and all major credit cards.

Do you spray trees for insects or other diseases?


My tree is not accessible for a bucket truck. Can you still trim it?

Yes, we have experienced climbers who are able to accomplish many jobs unreachable with equipment.

Will you leave marks in my yard?

We own our own crane so 90% of jobs there is no equipment needed on your yard, otherwise we carry 1 inch 4×8 plywood to lay down to prevent damage.

Is Advance Tree Pros insured?

Advance Tree Pros is fully insured for liability resulting from injury to persons or property. We can provide you with a certificate of insurance upon request.

Can you trim my trees at any time of the year?

Yes, we work year round! In summer (the growing season of a tree), it is easiest to evaluate the health of the tree and do minor trimming or thinning. However, during November through January (a tree’s dormant stage), it is the best time for the health of a tree to do heavier pruning. Keep in mind that with no leaves on the tree, we have better visibility when working along roads. Our job is also made easier during this time, not only because there are no leaves, but also due to flowers/hostas, your lawn, etc. not needing to be avoided.