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The Top Four Reasons to Consider Tree Removal

The type of tree service people request depends on the state and health of their tree. When storm season swings around there’s an underlying anxiety for many the tree outside their window will come crashing down on their roof. We understand this type of worry and always encourage our customers to take precautions when it…

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Tree Removal for Playgrounds

Having trees around your home or office, or in other public spaces such as parks, libraries, and museums, makes the surroundings look green and beautiful. Trees can have lush foliage, colorful flowers, or delicious fruit. They clean the air and provide shade, besides having many other advantages. So there are many great reasons to plant…

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Questions to Ask Before You Chop Down a Mature Tree

Mature trees are important assets to the community and us. Huge, old trees offer service and beauty, shading our homes during summer, enhancing water and air quality, increasing property value, and contributing to the livability and safety of our neighborhood. In spite of their advantages, they can be sources of hazards and accidents if they…

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Don’t Hire Just Anyone to Cut Down your Tree

Cutting down trees seems easy, and it can be, but if you hire an inexperienced friend or neighbor to do it, it can be dangerous and pose a hazard to your safety, neighbors, and trees. When looking for tree removal services, you shouldn’t just hire an inexperienced handyman to cut down your trees on your…

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Can You Plant A New Tree In The Same Spot As An Old Tree?

Have you removed a tree from your yard, and now the spot it grew in is feeling a little empty? Many homeowners feel as though they should plant a new tree in the spot where the old one once stood. It feels like a good idea to plant a new tree and fill that space,…

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Three Reasons It’s Better to Have a Tree Professionally Cut

Do you have trees on your property? Are they near your house, powerlines or neighbor’s home? Do you wonder if you should put the time and money into having them cut down using a professional tree service company? If you answered “yes” to these questions, read on to learn our three reasons why it better…

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When Your City Requires You To Have A Tree Removed

Most of the time, it’s up to you what you do with the plants and trees located on your property on your land. Sometimes though, the city will get involved and ask you to take a tree down. What happens in this case, and what should you be doing? Here’s a complete guide to help…

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How to Find the Best Tree Cutting Service

Tree removal is a huge project that needs a certified arborist and since they can be extremely dangerous when cut and removed, it’s of utmost significance that you trust this service to a team of trained professionals. Fortunately, Winter Park Tree Service Company is there to help you through each stage of removing a hazardous…

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Orlando Tree Service Company: Three Tools To Keep On Hand For Pruning

To keep your trees healthy and alive, they will need continued care throughout their lifetime. Because most of a tree’s health has to do with its branches, it is crucial to maintaining the limbs well. Not only are the branches indicators of the tree’s health, but also keeping the branches maintained and trimmed will keep…

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Three Reasons That Tree Might Have To Go

Is that tree in your yard looking the worse for wear? Maybe it’s getting on in age, or bad weather has damaged it. In some cases, you can simply prune the damaged parts of the tree, but in others, that tree will have to come down. How can you know? Here’s three reasons you’ll want…

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