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Anti-transpirants – Orlando Tree Care Services

Anti-transpirants – One Orlando Tree Service Which Can Help Prevent Winter Injury Sunny days during the winter can actually be a bad thing. If the sunlight brings the temperature of your foliage above freezing (over 32° F) while the ambient air temperature remains colder than that, conifers may sustain injury, because the needles’ pores (stomates)…

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Services: The Advance Tree Pros Advantage

Calendar Time frames are approximate, variations occur due to difference in the weather every year. January and February is a good time for pruning most trees, making it easier to identify structural problems or dead wood. When the ground thaws, usually by mid to late March, we can begin Rootcare fertilization of trees and shrubs…

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A Guide to Insects From the #1 Orlando Tree Service

Orlando Tree Service Experts Give Advice on Insects One of the frequently asked questions that we receive as the best tree service in Orlando is, “Which insects are good and which are bad for my tree?” Here is a guide to help you out: Aphids Aphids feed on the sap tissue in leaves or through…

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Warning: Beware Which Orlando Tree Service You Hire! Scams Abound!

Which Orlando Tree Service is the Best and Which is a Scam? When selecting someone to handle that tree in the front yard, it’s important that you hire someone based on the following criteria: What type of reputation does the company have? How long has the company been around? Are they properly licensed and insured?…

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Orlando Arborists - Experts in Tree Cutting & Removal

There Aren’t Many Arborists in Orlando. We Have THREE of Them – Experts in Tree Care, Cutting, Trimming, & Removal As you know, Advance Tree Pros is very proud to have not one, not two, but THREE ISA Certified Orlando Arborists in the Central Florida area. But what exactly does that mean? What is an…

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6 Ways We Will Save You Time & Money on Tree Service in Orlando

Looking for someone you can afford and trust to do your tree work? Look no further… Here are Six Reasons We Will Save YOU Time, Money, & GIANT Headaches on Orlando Tree Service: Our Prices Are EXTREMELY Competitive Because There Is No Middleman. We know… we hear it quite often: “Why are your prices so…

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