Orlando’s Brush & Land Clearing Pros

We Are Central Florida’s Brush Clearing Pros

bobcat land clearingWe Aren’t Just Tree Cutting Experts! When It Comes to Land Clearing, We Clean it up in Orlando! We’re Orlando’s #1 Bush and Landscape Clearing Service

If there isn’t a more hated item on your “Honey-Do” to-do list, it’s the dreaded words: “Clean up the yard”. Well, how about you relax and let us handle it? Do you have a small forest of renegade bushes, weeds, and snake-infested overgrowth? We do more than just tree removal.

Call us and it’s done.

Needing to clear your plot of land to make way for the foundation for your brand new house?

No problem.

Are you in a hurry to remove an old, overgrown orange grove?

We’re all over it.

From stumps to overgrowth, from 1 acre to 5000, we can handle anything and everything you throw at us. We have Bobcats and other heavy equipment to make any job a breeze.
We also offer Bobcat service, brush clearing, selective clearing, debris removal, grading, root raking.