Recycling Services Orlando

Protecting Our Environment with Orlando Tree Removal Recycling ServicesTree maintenance, tree removal, and even extensive clearing is inevitably required on any property. Overgrown trees can become unsightly and even outright dangerous, and trees can even be impacted by disease. Whatever your reason for needing Orlando tree removal, pruning, or even land clearing services, you can be confident that Advance Tree Pros will deliver the best service in Florida. Not just content to be the best at what we do when it comes to tree cutting services, we also strive to be the most environmentally responsible tree service company in the region.

Along with our professional arborist services, we also offer a green recycling program. With all of our work we recycle as much organic matter as possible, and we can even offer recycling for wood waste that you already have on your property. If you’re considering Advance Tree Pros for tree cutting services today, then learning more about our recycling program, and why it’s important, will help you in your decision.

We Help to Reduce the Growing Green Waste Problem in the United States

Green waste is biodegradable waste that is a byproduct of almost every residential dwelling, commercial property, and even agricultural properties. Most people think of food waste when they think of green waste, not knowing that even a pruned tree or trimmed hedge contributes to municipal waste in Florida.

You might be wondering; why is green waste a problem? If it’s biodegradable, then surely it’s not harmful to the environment? While this is at least partially true, the fact that much of the world’s green waste ends up in landfill is a major problem. Organic waste is ranked fifth in terms of total tonnage sent to land fill every year. While the waste will biodegrade over time, it still represents a wasted resource. If we are to protect our environment while making the most of every resource possible, then we need to start recycling more. At Advance Tree Pros, we make this easy with our recycling services.

Wood is one of our most valuable resources. It’s sustainable, can be used in a number of applications, and growing trees can even be beneficial to the environment when forests are properly managed. When you need Tree cutting Orlando for safety or even cosmetic purposes, you don’t need to worry about that valuable resource going to waste.

With our recycling program we can take wood and green matter (such as clippings, leaves etc.) and create valuable products that are beneficial to the environment.

By removing some of the green waste from municipal waste management, we are able to reduce the pressure on landfills while also creating necessary products and reducing the number of healthy trees that need to be cut down. Products created from recycled wood waste can be used locally, so the benefit the community and the environment in a number of ways.

How Wood Waste Can Be Used When Recycled

How Wood Waste Can Be Used When RecycledIf you’ve booked one of our teams for tree services like removal, pruning, or clearing, you might wonder exactly what happens to the waste after we’ve cleaned up your property and left you satisfied with the job. There are actually numerous uses for wood waste, ranging from simple wood chips for landscaping, to specialized energy applications. We process our waste in a number of ways to achieve the most efficient results for the environment and the community.

  • A large percentage of wood waste is turned to wood chips for use in landscaping. Wood is broken down into smaller chunks through an efficient process that minimizes energy waste. Wood chips aren’t only used for landscaping; they can also be turned into wood pulp that is later made into paper products. Wood chips can also be used for mulching, and can even be used for environmental restoration. Wood chips placed around new growth trees as a form of erosion control. Mulched wood chips ensure tree health because they reduce competition for water with grass and weeds around the tree base.
  • There are even more advanced uses for wood waste recycling, such as power generation or for use as solid fuel. Even gas and liquid fuels can be produced from wood waste with some emerging technologies. At this time, solid fuel is the most viable use for wood waste, and this can be seen in a few different scenarios.
  • Briquettes for use in barbecues, fire pits, and in-home fireplaces can be produced from wood waste. The technology for creating briquettes is widely understood and recycling can be scaled from light intensity, all the way up to industrial production. Fuel pellets can also be produced from wood waste, although this is usually only seen with large scale operations (such as in the timber industry).
  • Wood chips can also be turned into biomass materials used for on-site energy generation. While your wood waste will most likely be turned into mulch or standard wood chips, it’s still interesting and even inspiring to learn what can when we strive to make better use of the resources that might otherwise be discarded.

Of course, many of the byproducts from tree service can also end up being used by lumber yards. It all depends on the quality of the wood, how much is available, and even the size of the tree. If you’re curious, simply talk to our crew and they’ll be able to provide even more information about our recycling methods and uses.

How Can You Take Advantage of Recycling with Advance Tree Pros?

If you don’t have any use for the green waste that is collected from your property after tree cutting Orlando, then we’ll take the waste off-site and ensure that it is put to use in an environmentally friendly application. There’s absolutely no guilt, because you can have confidence knowing that we’ll be putting the organic matter to good use.

There are also many of our valued clients who do have a use for wood waste or other green matter collected after tree services or land clearing. If you’re one of those clients, then just let us know. Keep in mind that there can sometimes be concerns with wood (such as fungal infestation, insects, or forms of disease), so it will not always be safe to keep the green waste that is produced when we are clearing, pruning, or removing trees from your property.

Choose a Company That Cares for Our Environment

Choose a Company That Cares for Our EnvironmentWhen you work with Advance Tree Pros, you won’t just get the best Orlando tree cutting services; you’ll also have confidence knowing that we are committed to the environment through our responsible recycling of green waste. We’re here to help whenever you’re looking for land clearing, removal of overgrown or dangerous trees, or if you simply need pruning services to keep your trees healthy and looking great.

We’ll take care of the hard jobs that you don’t have the tools or time for, and our highly experienced staff are fully trained, licensed, and we’re completely insured for your peace of mind.