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Hire Us and the Planet Will Thank You.


We produce about 50,000 cubic yards of mulch a year.

If you were to stack that in normal sized bags that mulch usually comes in, it would reach 18 miles into the sky! That’s a WHOLE LOT of mulch that is NOT adding to our landfills.

A surprising amount of debris results from even the smallest of jobs. We, as the #1 Orlando tree removal and trimming experts, believe that you should NEVER have to worry about this mess, nor should you ever be concerned that you’re contributing to the problems of our environment. No matter which Orlando tree service you need, we make sure that everything is cleaned up before we leave… but what do we do with all of that debris? Where does it all go, since our county landfills are being inundated and filled to the brim? After all, we want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Every branch, every log, and every leaf possible gets recycled… not a single ounce is ever brought to the county landfill. (Think of all of the gas we save and the pollution that is not produced, since we don’t need to use our big trucks to haul everything there!) We mulch it all up and then it’s dyed red or natural brown and distributed all over Central Florida for re-use. By doing so, not only do we make sure that there’s no mess when we leave, we make sure that we put all that scrap to good use.

Yes, it’s a lot more work for us. But we all love our home, the Earth… and Advance Tree Pros is doing its part to make sure that it’s clean, healthy, and around for generations to come.

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